Increase Week in Review 7/25-7/29

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pro’s from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday we heard Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright share about taking the Time to Refuel:


“This break has provided me a ton of motivation. I ended the last part of the first half of the season pretty strong, ending a few good starts in a row where I knew I was making some good adjustments. Even though I’m still not quite where I would like to be in regards to my stats, I’m using this break as a way to almost start over and get back into the flow of things for the second half of this season. I know that my body’s healthy and strong now because of the break—I’m rested and I’m ready. I think our whole team is ready and prepared to do some really special things on the field.”


Tuesday we heard about the power of Faith Night 2016 with the Pittsburgh Pirates:


“Hearing this man [David Freese], and many others, who is young in his walk with the Lord share the joy and fulfillment of life in Christ and the importance of baptism was amazing. He spoke from the heart, telling everyone the impact that his teammates had on him to take that step of faith. Since then he’s jumped in with both feet in his walk of faith.” -Dave Henderson


Wednesday former NFL player, Don Davis shared about the importance and urgency of Racial Reconciliation:


“In order to have true racial reconciliation in this country, we must learn to identify with each other’s pain and stand together in solidarity. That means, when you see something that just doesn’t seem right, you have to call it what it is, deal with the root cause of the issue, and use it as a teaching tool for the next situation.”


Thursday we heard from NFL’s Joshua Vaughan share his experience during training week and how he learned to stay Faithful in the Battle:


“The battle you fight in football is unique. Most players are trying simply to make a roster, let alone maintain their or improve their position. Learning to trust in God through that time in my career really prepared me for what is next. I know that when I face stressful times in my career today that I can always lean on God to be my strength.”…e-joshua-vaughan/


Friday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis shared the importance and power of choosing to find Joy in Christ:


“To find joy I personally have to constantly remind myself whose I am, where He’s brought me from, and where He’s taking me to. I try not to think in momentary circumstances or with a worldly mindset, instead I want to set my mind on things above—things that last for eternity.”


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