Increase Week in Review 8/13-8/17

Did you miss this week’s stories from the pros? Here’s what they said:


Monday Denver Broncos chaplain Rezah Zadeh talked about the power of our words:


The Power of Our Words – Reza Zadeh


Tuesday New Orleans linebacker Demario Davis shared about a recent journey to self-check his priorities:


Self-Check – Demario Davis


Wednesday St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Luke Weaver discussed the process of having his faith tested:


Testing Your Faith – Luke Weaver


Thursday Chicago Bears linebacker Sam Acho shared how he finds rest even in the midst of life’s busiest seasons:


Carving Out Time – Sam Acho


Friday Arizona Diamondbacks right fielder Steven Souza told us about the ups and downs of this season so far and how he’s been able to lean into God’s guidance and peace:


Dealing with Ups and Downs – Steven Souza

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