Increase Week in Review 9/12-9/16

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pro’s from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Former Cardinal Lance Berkman reflects on the constant battle that we face in this life, recognizing the only place where we can find our hope:

“God offers comfort to us in the fact that we know we cannot get to heaven on our own merit anyway. If I were to die today and found myself standing at the gates of heaven hearing God say, ‘Why should I let you in?’ my only answer would be, ‘You shouldn’t, except for the grace and saving gift of Jesus Christ.’”


Tuesday St. Louis Cardinals Matt Holliday shares his most humbling moments in the middle of his greatest successes:

“But it’s often during those times that I find myself the furthest away from where I need to be. Getting caught up in how well I am doing in the world’s standards, I tend not to focus on my constant need for God. When I rely on the praise from fans and teammates, my heart begins to harden toward the Spirit of God.”


Wednesday Former NFL running back Joshua Vaughan shares what it was like to cry out to God in one of the most desperate times in his life:


“For a month or two I didn’t even want to talk to God about it. I felt like He was either ignoring us or didn’t care. But when I realized that there was no where else to go—there was no one else that I could cry out to—I went to God.”


Thursday Former Atlanta Braves’ Matt E Diaz shared how he has let himself become defined after baseball:


“As we seek identity apart from Christ, we end up bitter, disappointed, self righteous, cliquey, hungry, miserable, or a combination of all of these. There is only one place to find True Identity. It’s not in possessions, positions, or politics. We as Christians know this, but we cannot forget it.”


Friday Former MLB catcher Eddie Taubensee challenged us with his devotional, “Jesus, My Fish Finder:


“Jesus is telling Simon, as well as the rest of us, that when He calls us to start following Him, we cannot “catch” others on our own effort. In fact, we cannot catch a single person. We have to take the attitude of Simon and allow Jesus to send us out, directing us to go where we need to go.”


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