Investing In What Can't Be Taken Away - Jordan Matthews

It’s hard to tell someone, “I understand.” I try to never say these words because, holistically, I rarely can. Everyone has a unique story and a unique way of looking at things. 

During this time, as we face the fight against the coronavirus, you see the fear in people’s faces. I may or may not be able to understand the depths of those fears, but I do know that our lives are fragile. Sometimes we’re reminded more clearly that we’re not going to live forever, and for some this realization causes panic to set in. We have to start asking ourselves some hard questions like, “What am I investing in?” How many of the things you are investing in are eternal and how many will pass away? If you are counting many more things that are going to eventually die, you need to take inventory in your heart and ask yourself how tight your grip is on these things. I’m guilty of this as well. 

I want to invest in the things I know can’t be taken away from me by a virus, or by any life-or-death situation. If we all press into things that are eternal, we can see hope in the midst of any situation. There’s always a silver lining. Yes, the coronavirus has caused mass suffering around the globe, but it’s also forced many to spend time with their families and slow down. It’s bad out there; all you need to do is open your phone to see the bad. But knowing that we live in the most overworked society, we can see that this rest may be good for us. Our work/life balance is out of whack. It really is. We rarely ever take a Sabbath, and many of us aren’t really even sure how to. Though the circumstances we find ourselves in today are not ideal, it’s an amazing opportunity for us all to get back together as a family and realize that when everything of this world is taken away from us, we have what we need — we have Jesus.

At the same time, as I find myself in a season of unknown in the middle of free agency, I know that God is in control of all things. I’m not going to sit around and worry what will happen next. I’m going to train hard, follow where He leads me, and trust God with whatever comes. He has a plan, even in the most difficult of times. 

— Jordan Matthews, NFL wide receiver 

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