Join us as we celebrate God's creation with 40 Days Of Increase

In daily life we’re always surrounded by evidence that God’s creation is more massive than anything we humans can create. This expansive universe — created with the mere utterance of words from his breath — warms, cools, delights, and sustains us in our Earthly habitation.

As we reflect on the increase of God and decrease of self, let’s remember that anything we can create on Earth pales in comparison to the daily spectacle of the sun rising and setting, waves crashing on the shore, or the creation of new life.

For the next forty days, we will celebrate #40DaysOfIncrease as we share images of the amazing things God has created on Earth accompanied by scripture. If you would like to join us, please use the hashtag(#) #40DaysOfIncrease when you experience something in nature that reminds you of God’s glory. Here’s a sample Tweet: