Joining Forces in Indianapolis - Trey Burton

After last season with the Chicago Bears, while rehabbing my injury, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen this coming year. I didn’t know if I would continue playing or maybe take a year off, but God has opened an opportunity for us to keep going. Such a great opportunity doesn’t come around too often so I want to maximize this place God has called me to. 

This being my seventh year in the league, it’s not my first rodeo. Making a decision to change teams, change hometowns and bring your family to a new community is not a choice I make on my own. This isn’t just about my career, this is about my family. It would have been easier to just say “I’m done,” and stay in Tampa where our kids can stay all year round. But we didn’t believe our influence was done in the league quite yet. I still feel like there is more I can do — more I can give. 

A big draw for me was knowing that I’m headed to a team that has a head coach (Frank Reich) and quarterback (Philip Rivers) who are both really solid Christ-followers. I’ve seen, heard and known them to speak life and truth into this world and I want to join forces with them. There’s no doubt in my mind that Indianapolis has a strong Christian influence as a result of these men and I’m excited to jump into it.

The Lord has given us all abilities to do unique things. Who I am and what I’m doing in the NFL are unique to me and I’m not finished yet. I can still play and I still enjoy it. Until I am no longer physically able to play, or I lose my love of the game, I’m going to be all in. Football is our mission field, our whole family’s mission field, and we’ve been able to do some really cool Gospel-centered work within it — on the field, in the locker room and in the communities we’ve been in. The more we can recreate what we’ve seen work in the cities we’ve been in, and join forces with what’s working here in Indianapolis, the more fruit we can produce for the Kingdom. 

This isn’t a decision I made on increasing my name, improving my stats, or bringing in more income, this is a family decision based on where we believe God is calling us for today. We’re all in it and we’re excited for what God is pointing out for us to do. 

— Trey Burton, Indianapolis Colts tight end

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