People are Looking for People to be Real - Aubree Munro

“If I fail, help me to still give You glory. If I succeed, let me point it to You.” 

It’s easy to say these things but when the moment actually happens, what do we do? I try to pray these things over my game and my at-bat every time I go up to the plate. 

I don’t want to be the weird Jesus-girl, but at the same time, I want to honor God and not abandon my witness to others. This balance can definitely be a struggle but over the past few years I’ve found that as my confidence in the Lord grows, it gets easier. I feel like my heart has grown in a lot of ways to know that my teammates are just in a different place. I can share and whether or not they receive it is not on me, it’s on them. But I’m going to take the opportunities that God lays before me and be honest. 

A lot of us get worried that we’re going to offend people, and that’s something to be aware of, but if I’m just going to be honest with them about how God has worked in my life, someone can’t tell me I’m lying. They can’t tell me that what happened to me didn’t occur. So when people ask me how I got through a certain moment or high-pressure at-bat, I tell them, “I prayed.” It’s very simple to be a witness when you’re just being honest. 

Not all of my teammates are believers in Christ. There are some who know of the Lord but have not given their lives to Him. One day, after I had made it to second base and pointed up to the Lord to show that it was all Him, one of my teammates came up to me and said, “When you pointed up, I just started crying.” I told her I was praying during my entire at-bat. This gave me the opportunity to just be honest with her. 

People are looking for people to be real; they’re looking for people who are willing to be open and honest with their faith because it’s hard. If they see someone else do it, it gives them the courage to maybe be a little bit more open in their own sphere of influence. I take my social media platform pretty seriously; I want to be real but I also want to use it for a purpose. It’s not just for my own vanity, it’s an opportunity to share just how good God is. 

Be open, honest and listen to the opportunities that God provides. He uses it all! Whether we think we did a good job or not, God can use it for a purpose to serve Him. 

“Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt His name together.” — Psalm 34:3

— Aubree Munro, USA softball player