Learning How to Adapt - Nate Augspurger

After graduating college, you realize it’s time to grow up a little more and take on more responsibilities. Looking back over the past eight years since my own graduation, I’ve been playing sports as my main job. For me, as a professional athlete, there is a level of steam I get to blow off when playing. There are also solid relationships I get to hold with my teammates — relationships I’ve gotten to build and deepen for eight years straight.

These two things have been a constant for me, but this past year, I didn’t have either. I have not been able to see the people I usually see and connect with every single day. For me, this has been a year of learning how to adapt.

I’m still learning a lot about how to adapt to unknown circumstances and a lifestyle I’m not used to. That’s not to say this lifestyle is any better or worse, it’s just different. I’m continuing to learn how to keep Christ at the center of a lifestyle I don’t yet know. As an athlete, I was really good at placing Jesus first and keeping God at the forefront of my mind. But whether I’m acting as a professional athlete, a husband or an entrepreneur, I want to be able to keep Jesus first.

There are plenty of times when I fall short or fail in my attempts to do this, but I also have incredibly great moments with God. For me, it’s so important to stay in the moment and present wherever God has me. Because wherever I am, if I’m focused on Him, I’m at the center of His will.

It’s a continual process, however, of asking God to guide me in my actions. In sports, I know where I need to be and who I need to be as a leader. But discovering who I am outside of that, and how I can follow God’s call for me without sports, is going to be critical for me — not only for today, but for the day I retire from pro rugby as well.

God’s Word is the key to a life of fruitful living. Being immersed in it is so important when following God’s plan for your life. When I stop each morning to take time to be rejuvenated by His truth, I see the plans He has and I gain confidence in Him. Then, whenever I go through ups and downs in this life, I know I’m going through ups and downs with Him. He always makes a way for the righteous who are following Him.

I’m often reminded of Moses. He doubted himself and his ability to be used by God for His purposes. As a shepherd, a runaway and a murderer, he didn’t feel good enough. He thought, “How can I be the one to do this?” But God gives him the courage and strength so that through his weaknesses, God can accomplish His will and be glorified.

Who am I to say that God can’t use me? I only have to be tuned into Him and willing to say “yes.”

— Nate Augspurger, USA Rugby and San Diego Legion player

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