Learning to Trust in Times of Transition - Luke Weaver

This season was one of many transitions for me.

First, transitioning to a new team was scary but exciting. It was as if I was experiencing the first day of a new school all over again. I had to adapt to a new environment, but thankfully, it proved to be really smooth. Then, when my wife, Olivia, and I found out we were expecting our first child, we were thrilled! We suddenly had to transition our thoughts and habits to prepare for a baby girl to join our household. 

During the season, I found myself sidelined with an injury, unable to play for four months. Again, I had to transition my thought process and behaviors to reach my full health and strength again. And after four months of recovering, I was able to come back and pitch in one last game to end on a high note.

Being injured is never good news at first, but I honestly tried to dig deep and understand that God can bring good out of the situation. And He did. This season I was able to be more present at home with my wife as she began her first pregnancy. Since I wasn’t on the road with the team, I was able to be there for the moments we’ll never forget — feeling the baby move, helping Olivia through all the new things she was experiencing, and preparing our family for this new addition.

In the big picture, I saw what a blessing these unexpected transitions were for me. Though the unexpected can be scary at first, we’re able to lean on God and trust His perfect plan in the midst of it. Going forward, I’m able to now look back and see the ways God has prepared me for times of transition and carried me through the unexpected. 

This offseason, I want to be intentional in my relationships with my teammates. While I was injured this past season and not traveling with the rest of the guys, I had to make each moment at the field count. When the team would return after being gone for two weeks, I made sure my time with them was valuable. I had a limited amount of time to build relationships and bless others. I made my words and actions intentionally precise. It’s the little things that reflect the big picture. 

So now I’m looking forward to next season. With one year down in Arizona, I’ll be able to feed into the relationships built last season, and hopefully step into more of a leadership-style role on the team. Though I’m still on the younger end of the age range, I feel like I’ve moved into the “middle tier” of players. With new guys entering the league, I hope I can lend a helping hand, instead of reaching out for one myself. It’s exciting — I’m maturing in my role as a pitcher and a teammate. I want to make sure I’m doing my part as a friend, a teammate and a disciple who is making disciples.

Our days on earth are numbered. We need to be bold, willing to step into the uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is nothing to be scared of. We just need to adopt the mindset that every minute, every second, is a blessing. We are not made to sit back and be content with today. That may be the easier route. It’s tougher to approach the world head-on with boldness, but that’s what Christ calls us to do. Build on the little moments God’s presents to you. Build a tolerance to the uncomfortable that allows God to push you further into His will. 

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” — Psalms 90:12

— Luke Weaver, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher

Luke Weaver is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing monthly articles and opinions. Check out Luke’s Increase profile here: https://theincrease.com/author/luke-weaver/ 

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