Let's Increase Help to Nepal: *Update Second Quake

*** 05/12/15 Update: A second earthquake, this one registering 7.3, has hit Nepal this morning. There are at least 66 people dead in this latest disaster. This is in addition to the 8000 who are confirmed dead from the earthquake two weeks ago. The links below will direct you to charities who are on the ground providing direct relief in Nepal***

As an organization, it’s important that we extend help and hope in Jesus’ name amid the devastation in Nepal. Further, we want to help those organizations who are already on the scene. We believe that by equipping them with the necessary financial support we can make the biggest and most immediate impact.

Coincidentally (actually, according to author/speaker David Platt, providentially) Baptist Global Response recently completed disaster-relief training in Kathmandu and was on the streets immediately.

Samaritan’s Purse also has an international team on the ground, and we put them forward without reservation as another organization worthy of your support.

If you wish to assist in the effort to provide relief to those whose need is the most dire, please click here and donate what you feel is appropriate.

– Team PAO (Pro Athletes Outreach)

Pro Athletes Outreach is the ministry behind The Increase; founded in 1971 by pro athletes, its mission is to equip pro athletes to disciple one another and positively impact their spheres of influence, using their high visibility to call attention to Jesus Christ by the way they live on and off the field.