Living for One - Darrell Stuckey

San Diego Chargers special teamer, Darrell Stuckey, was considered one of the top safeties available when he was drafted by the Chargers in 2010. Since then Darrell has had outstanding performances on the field, but according to him, he only plays for an audience of One.

In 2012, Darrell and his wife, Lacie, established their website,, which exists to connect individuals and organizations that have the same passion that they do: living to bring glory to God.

“We have been given an amazing platform to influence and witness to others,” says Darrell. “We believe that an individual lives with four areas of influence: individually, within their family, within their school or team, and within their community—and each one should be utilized for the glory of God.”

Darrell and Lacie have partnered with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other Christian organizations to run free camps every year for children and families. Their mission statement for these camps is to, “seek to empower and improve, not to drain or misuse.”

As they seek to serve both communities in Kansas City (where they both grew up) as well as their new home, San Diego, Darrell and Lacie have grown a lot in their own personal walks with God.

“On our website, we have a “Get to know God” section,” says Lacie. “As we were putting that together, we spent weeks pouring over different resources and study materials to know how best to communicate the Gospel to others. In the meantime, we grew in our own faith, discovering so many new aspects of God’s love and truth for ourselves.”

In the process of serving their communities and expanding their sphere of influence, they also have found their marriage relationship growing stronger.

“Serving together really strengthens our marriage because we are able to compliment each other’s strengths and gifts,” says Darrell. “As we serve in ministry together, we challenge, encourage, and strengthen each other. When we experience each other growing closer to God, we are growing closer together as a result. Ultimately we are answering to God and so as we serve and pursue Him individually and as a couple, we can help each other do this as best as we can.”

As the Darrell and Lacie travel with their two children to and from their hometown of Kansas City to their new home in San Diego, they continually look for ways to share their faith in God and passion to serve Him.

“We have seen a lot of doors open for us to share our faith through our website, the camps we run, and as we go about our day to day lives,” Darrell says. “Our aim is to always be kingdom soldiers and servants of God.”

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