Making Adjustments - Matt Holliday

There have been a lot of adjustments for me and my family this year. We’re adjusting to a new city, a new team, a new community, and for me, a new role on field. My new role on the Yankees as a DH has been very different from what I’m used to. It’s strange for me to not be on the field often, but I knew that was probably the plan coming in and I did have all of Spring Training to get used to it.


The community within the Yankees organization has been great. Heading into Spring Training, my goal was to get to know the guys and feel like I was really a part of the group. That happened really quickly! Getting to spend time with my teammates during Spring Training, Leslee and I having dinner with the other couples, and catching the rhythms of the new season has made the transition to New York really smooth.


Establishing good relationships with my teammates is really important to me because it makes the whole experience of baseball much more meaningful. Not only do statistics within the game improve when your interpersonal relationships on the team are stronger, but you may be able to impact your teammates in more ways than what is seen on the field. I know that the younger guys I’m able to pour into now have so much ahead of them, and I look forward to watching their careers really blossom in the years to come. Having substantial friendships on the team also makes traveling and time spent away from family easier to handle.


It’s been great to get involved in the Bible studies with the guys this year. We started meeting once a week during Spring Training which has now rolled over into the season. It’s been really fruitful for all of us to go deeper in the Word together, all gleaning from what each guy is reading. With different guys, a different chaplain, and a new dynamic, I hear new perspectives and learn from men who have a great understanding of different Scripture passages and texts. Meanwhile, I also have the chance to share what I’ve learned, hopefully encouraging them in their faith too. It’s helpful to be around other men of God who are pursuing a greater knowledge of God and a closer relationship with Jesus.


Every time we’re thrown out of our comfort zone, we’re stretched. I know that I’m here for a time and a reason. As I grow more accustomed to all that is new, I begin to see God’s hand in it all—in the conversations that take place, in the relationships being developed, and in the opportunities before me. I feel God’s blessing on me as I live my life within the baseball community, doing what I love to do, with the family that I love, and guys who are pursuing the Lord.


—Matt Holliday


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