Meeting a Basic Need - Kelvin Beachum

The Kingdom of God is not America. It’s not black or white; it’s not Asian, Vietnemese, Pakistanian, European or any other race or ethnicity. The Gospel is not just for one people group; it’s not only for people with money or people without. The Gospel is for everyone. 

There are many throughout our world who are without the basic necessities every human requires to survive, such as water. My wife and I have expanded our focus to try to help provide people with access to water on a global scale. There is something so powerful about water — it’s necessary to drink, for hygiene and for baptism. Water is a crucial need for every society and people group, and too many are without it.

While we work to provide water sources for others, we also look for opportunities to share the Gospel. Being disciples of Christ is the purpose of any sort of work we do here on earth, no matter where we are. With all of the concerns with the coronavirus and other safety issues, we’re praying for open doors to be able to complete the work God’s called us to do. Having funded a few wells in Uganda, my wife and I plan, and hope, to travel there soon to see the water flowing, bringing life to the communities nearby.

Our money is not our own; our resources are not our own. They are God’s, and we want to use what He’s entrusted to us to impact the world for the Kingdom of God. It’s our passion and our life goal. When we get to Heaven, all we want to hear is, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I don’t want to miss out on God’s favor because I withheld what was given to us. 

There is an incomparable joy that’s brought to people when they are able to gain something as simple as water. In faces that couldn’t be dirtier, you see hope and a future. They are now able to wash themselves clean. The symbolism of God’s Spirit washing our hearts clean when our lives are given over to Christ is represented every time we are able to provide this basic resource to those who need it. Through God’s grace and mercy, we have been given new life. That is exactly what we aim to provide to others, both spiritually and physically. 

Find out what God is calling you to and get to work. There are so many needs around the world that need to be addressed; which one grabs at your heart strings? 

— Kelvin Beachum, NFL left tackle

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