Mixing It Up - Luke Weaver

Keeping things fresh and mixing up my routine are monumentally important for me. From daily workouts to driving a different route to the field, I love the challenge of doing something new. The end result may be the same no matter how I complete the task, but I never want to get lost in what feels comfortable to the point where it just becomes white noise in my life. That’s when I start to lose my edge.

Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone is something I force myself to do often. This year, as I read through the Bible, I’ve joined a new group of men within the baseball arena to walk through this with. As I do, I daily see new light and life coming out of the Word. Diving into the Word with these men allows me to see God’s truth from the perspectives of each of the 50 men who are going through this. It also allows me to get to know their walk with the Lord better. As we each seek to grow closer to God, we are growing closer to each other as well. I then have a smaller group of four whom I get to go even deeper with.

Getting to know the character and person of God is something we should never stop pursuing. As we seek Him, He gives us a fresh perspective and new insights to create a deeper connection with Him. I’ve learned a lot this year by switching up my routine of being in God’s Word. I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a day so far. Though it can be hard to be grounded each and every day to be diligently reading the Word, it’s the best thing we can do with our time. And if we walk through it with our brothers and sisters, we know we are grounded in the same truth, seeking to achieve the same goal of becoming more like Christ.

There will be people who don’t want to grow or don’t want to hear what we are learning as we seek God, but the Bible says to knock on the doors and if they don’t open up, move on. We are to go out fully prepared and equipped to teach, love and grow together. We don’t have to worry about the results or people’s responses, because we know God has promised that we will be provided for every step along the way. 

The growth and maturity of faith I’ve been undergoing as an adult, having known and sought God for many years personally, has brought me to the point where I now fear God more than I ever have before. Seeking God doesn’t allow you to grow complacent or comfortable in your faith, it gives you a greater urgency to give more of yourself to Him. The things of this world don’t carry as much weight for me as they used to. There’s so much peace and confidence in knowing God is in charge, but there’s also great fear in knowing I don’t want to disappoint Him. Yes, I am forgiven and set free, but I want to make sure I’m living my life to the fullest potential for bringing Him glory. That comes down to how we are living our daily walk with Him. 

Make sure that when people see you, they see Him. If I can do this, I can put my head down each night knowing I’ve accomplished the task God has put before me. 

— Luke Weaver, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher

Luke Weaver is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Luke’s Increase profile here.

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