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Transitioning from spring training to the regular season is always fun. Once the season begins, it’s a new rhythm to life with such a different dynamic. It’s exciting!


The biggest thing I’m focusing on this season is to be present in the moment at all times. I know I can’t always control the results; winning and losing isn’t always a direct byproduct of my performance. All I can do is to trust in my preparation and know that when the time comes, it’s all going to take care of itself.


I need to be a baseball player when I need to be a baseball player, a dad when I need to be a dad, and a husband when I need to be a husband. Wherever I am, I want to be fully present, not dwelling on anything else that will make me miss what’s in front of me. God’s grace is perfected in the right here, right now.


It would be selfish of me to be locked into baseball mode at all times and miss out on time with God or my family. That doesn’t mean I always succeed in this, but I try. I’m a guest in the presence of my family when I’m home with them; it’s my job to be present with them. If my mind is somewhere in the future or the past, I’m not answering the call God has for me in that moment.


God’s Word says, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). I take this truth very literally. Minute by minute, second by second, I want to pour myself into this moment so I can feel His Spirit and be led by His presence. Every day should be filled with His Spirit, not just the moments we feel we need Him.


You’re going to get the most out of each moment when you choose to be present there. God’s going to come through your situation and you’re going to enjoy it all the more. If you’re not in that moment fully, you will miss out on the miracles He has for you. It will pass you by before you realize it; you can’t get that moment back again.


Lately, as I’ve been focusing on being present, I’ve been experiencing God to be my Counselor. I see Him speaking to me through others around me about what’s been on my heart and mind. It’s humbling to watch as God shares His truth through others in a way that touches me directly and instructs me in the ways I need most for that moment. I don’t want to give the enemy space to fill my mind with fears, anxieties or stress, so I’m choosing to listen to God instead. I trust that He will fill my every need.


In the same way, I have been experiencing Him speak through me to encourage and challenge my teammates in the ways they need. I may not have the words or the wisdom, but God does. And through His Holy Spirit, I can be used by Him when I choose to let God lead my moments.


— Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers pitcher


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