Motto of Faith

Pro Athletes Outreach’s Director of Baseball Ministry, Eddie Taubensee, and his wife, René, have been pouring into the lives of pro baseball players for many years now. Eddie shares how they have created a motto for their family to live by:


He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”  —Micah 6:8


Many years ago, my wife and I decided to come up with a family motto that represents in a few words what we’re about as a family. We had a family crest made and I put this motto on a signet ring; my goal is to one day have one made for each of my boys as they get older. It took some time and prayer, but René and I found three words that best represent what our family is about:


  1. Responsibility—Thinking of others first; humility.
  2. Wisdom—Making not merely the right choices, but Godly choices.
  3. Honor—Actions that please God, parents, coaches, etc.


Whenever our boys need a little help getting back on track with their choices (or René and I need to be reminded) we always come back to our family motto and ask these three questions:  Are you being responsible by making that choice? Is it the wisest choice you could make? Are you honoring your parents and God with that choice?  To be honest, they tend to forget at times, but as they get older they are getting better at making decisions as they put this into practice.  


In our verse, the prophet Micah had to confront the nation of Israel (“O man”) because their lives didn’t match up to what they said they believed. There was a serious problem in the way they were treating others and they way they acted, and their worship of God was more ritualistic and less relational than it should be.


In a few words Micah gave them God’s motto for them.

  1. To Do Justice—How you treat others.
  2. To Love Kindness—Meeting the needs of others.
  3. To Walk Humbly with God—Sincere relationship to God.


Does your life match up with the motto God gave Israel through the prophet Micah? I know I can improve greatly in those areas. Maybe it’s time to create your own motto to help you make the right decisions, and this can be a good place to start with Micah 6:8. This motto may only take a minute to remember, but it will take our whole life to live out. Come up with a motto that represents your life. My prayer for you is that the Lord will help and guide you through the power of the Holy Spirit to live out the life we need to live by that motto.


—Eddie Taubensee
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