My Hope for Our Marriage - Chris Maragos

Marriage is a blessing. Outside of Christ’s love for us, I believe it’s the best representation of sacrificial love.


As Serah and I grow closer as a couple, our love grows deeper. We each know how much we sacrifice for each other. I see it every day as she loves and serves me, and I know this is a direct result of her strong connection with the Lord. Because we know how much He sacrificed for us, we can then act in the same way toward others.


As I think about our relationship, I see Christ’s traits shining forth from her. Likewise, the love I’m able to give her is only because I have experienced the love of our Heavenly Father. The closer I walk with Him, the more I’m able to portray Him to Serah. I have found all my security and love in Christ, and I know that Serah can see that through the way I treat her.


Our love is a direct reflection of our relationship with Christ. We can easily tell when the other is happy or sad, and whether things are good or bad. We are intentional about letting each other know. God’s given us the other person to walk with through this life on earth. He wants us to be there for each other and sharpen each other in our faith. I need to ask myself, “In what way can I fill in any gaps for my wife today? How can I point her toward Christ?” Maybe she needs extra encouragement or love today, and it’s my role to give that to her. I want to be attentive to those things.


Marriage (or any relationship) requires selflessness. When one of us is off spiritually, you see selfishness start to creep in. Suddenly you want to make it all about you. I need to look out for this temptation and make sure I stay grounded in the right things. We also need to keep our communication clear and constant, letting each other know when something is off. I want to know how I am doing serving my family and leading them in the Word of God. When we express our concerns and frustrations with each other right away, it prevents a build up and blow up later on.


Our hope for our marriage is that we can show others the love of Christ through the way we love each other. We hope people will be encouraged by our relationship, not seeing two perfect people, but two people who are striving to honor God and each other in their marriage.

— Chris Maragos, Philadelphia Eagles safety


Chris Maragos is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing monthly articles and opinions.


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