My Journey to Denver: Mark Sanchez

Journey to Denver


I am so excited to come to Denver. In fact, I was planning on coming to The Increase Conference in Colorado Springs this year but because of family circumstances, I wasn’t able to make it. I was really disappointed to miss out on the chance to grow and fellowship with so many great men of faith in the NFL. This was heavy on my heart and I was just saying to my mom, “I have to make it out next year, I have to make it out next year.” But obviously God had other plans; He’s bringing me to Denver sooner than I expected!


The Transition


It’s always hard to leave friends and a city that you’ve grown accustomed to, but it’s exciting to build new relationships and become involved in a new city. As long as I stay close to God and trust in His plan, I know that it will all work out for the best.


Both teams that I’ve been traded to in my career I’ve been really excited to join. Denver is a team that knows success. I’m pumped to start studying the Broncos’ offensive system and strategies for this season and I want to get all the advice that I can from experienced players here. This organization is full of amazing leaders and coaches. With our general manager, John Elway, who was a quarterback and understands everything it takes for a quarterback to be successful, I know I’m in really good hands.


This past week as I visited with the team, I was able to meet with Broncos Chaplain Luther Elliss who told me they are planning on starting up the Bible studies right away. It was really good to connect with a brother in Christ and share our excitement for the season ahead. Even though he supports Utah and I’m a USC fan, we agreed to leave our differences outside the chapel doors.


Game Plan


I’ll be doing everything I can to continue the Broncos’ tradition of success and winning; I’m completely dedicating myself to this team and to our ultimate goal of going back to the Super Bowl and winning again.


Not being able to play as much in the last couple of years has been hard. At times as I’ve been praying, I’ve found myself crying out to God, “I’m working so hard, why is this happening to me?” But when something like this happens, I’m reminded that God is in control and He has a better plan for me. He knows all along what’s in store for me while I can barely see past the tip of my nose. I think I was being molded and groomed during the past few years for this specific opportunity, but ultimately only God knows what’s going to happen in the future and I’m trusting in Him.


-Mark Sanchez


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