Given a Second Chance - Demario Davis

Demario Davis is an NFL linebacker for the Cleveland Browns


Cleveland Browns’ linebacker Demario Davis was unstoppable as a young player on the field. Leading his team to undefeated season, he soon became extremely popular. But with that popularity came exposure to a world that he had not known before.


“In my ninth grade year I was introduced to marijuana, alcohol, and sex,” remembers Demario. “As a fourteen-year-old kid, I didn’t have a father figure to teach me. All I had to look to were the guys on the streets.”


Soon he found himself looking for heroes in the wrong places. After being kicked out of school, Demario significantly injured himself during an attempted car heist that he and his friends were engaged in. It was at that moment when he first felt like God speaking to him in the darkness.


“That’s strike number two,” he remembers thinking. “I’ve been kicked out of school and now almost killed.”


After experiencing this scare, he cleaned up his act for the remainder of his high school career. But without a heart change, he fell into a similar lifestyle in college, when he became a small fish in a big pond with a felt need to prove himself to those around him. Eventually he landed himself in jail for stealing groceries.


“I thought to myself, ‘Whatever I’m doing with my life, it’s not working,’” says Demario.


Instead of kicking him off the team and ending his football career before it ever started, Demario’s coach gave him a second chance. When he seized it with the help of a mentor, he finally found the hope he’d been searching for; he found a second chance in life with Jesus Christ.


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