Playing a Part in God's Redemptive Story - Aubrey Bledsoe

It’s easy to look too far ahead and let questions plague your thoughts. During a time when so much is unknown and up in the air, we all have questions. I often find myself thinking, “I hope the team is ready to go back in a few weeks.” I am tempted to set expectations that are out of my control. Who knows when the virus will be over? We’re all in the same boat. We just have to take it one day at a time. 

God only gives us enough mercy for today’s problems. Tomorrow He will give us mercy enough for that day. When was the last time I have had such sweet uninterrupted time with my family? I want to take this time to invest in the relationships around me for which I am so thankful. 

If I didn’t have Christ as my anchor during this time, I don’t know what I’d do. During Easter week this year, I remember seeing so many people panicking about the economy crashing, whether or not they should stock up on guns and ammo, and some of my non-religious friends were asking me, “Is this the apocalypse?” For those of us who have placed our hope in Christ, we know that even if a virus takes a turn for the worse, we don’t place our hope in earthly things. We know that one day Christ will make all things new! We have our hope set on eternity with Him, knowing everything on this earth will pass away. 

Christ is victorious! We know He alone is in control. He has defeated death; this coronavirus is nothing to Him. 

Many have been talking about the “unprecedented times” we are living in right now, as if this is extremely unique and such a pandemic has never happened before. But if we look back in history, we see the persecution of the early Church, Spanish flu, the Bubonic plague, World Wars, the Great Depression, and so many other atrocities that have taken place. Every generation goes through a defining moment. We are not living in unprecedented times, we are living in a fallen world.

But we can also look back and see that through every season, God has been with His people in every moment. This gives us hope that He will see us through even this. This is nothing that humans can’t endure with Christ on their side! We will get through this as a country, as a human race and as followers of Christ, and we will come out on the other side stronger than ever. 

Our lives are about so much more than the 28 years I’ve lived to see so far. I’m grateful for the small part I get to play in God’s big picture — the redemptive story He’s shaping — and I’m trusting Him through every moment. 

— Aubrey Bledsoe, NWSL’s Washington Spirit goalkeeper

Aubrey Bledsoe is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Aubrey’s profile here.

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