Pro Volleyballer Angie Forsett

Since we have ministries in pro baseball and football—all men, obviously—finding female athletes to feature has been a bit difficult. When Justin Forsett came into the video suite for his Increase interview, his wife Angie came with him and we learned that she had been a US Volleyball team member and played pro volleyball. She started to tell us the story seen in the video. “Wait!” said Gary Molander (our storytelling partner at The Increase) with a big grin. “Would you like to tell it on camera?” Angie said, “Sure!” and we rolled cameras.

We’re excited to share the story of her decrease and Christ’s increase through pro volleyball, the Olympics, and an unexpected but welcome surprise. It’s always cool to be the trailblazer, but we hope Angie is just the first of many female athletes to be featured on The Increase.

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