Pushing Myself to Teach - Luke Weaver

The past few months have been a great opportunity for me to have more family time. In a professional and lifestyle that often pulls me away from my wife and daughter for long stints of being on the road, it was really cool to be there every day. When I would come back from throwing and walk into the door to see my 7-month-old daughter drop her pacifier and squeal with delight to see me, it’s pretty special. Those little moments are gifts, especially since I know I would have missed a lot of them during the baseball season. 

It has felt like another offseason for me, like I was in the final months, preparing for spring training. I tried to improve as much as I could while I waited. All we could do was wait and be ready to jump when we were called to play. 

It was great during this time to keep in touch with my teammates and our team Bible study group. Each week we got on a Zoom call and walked through a portion of the Bible together. We’ve been pushing each other to have a different guy lead the study each week, which has been really cool. Giving a mini-sermon to my teammates, coaches and chaplain has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone in a great way. Instead of being in the spotlight on the mound, I’m in the spotlight to share the Good News.

I’ve had a few other instances of leading a Bible study before, but it had been a long time for me, so I was nervous. But I was also excited — this is something I’ve wanted to push myself with for a while. The first time I was called on to lead, I wrote out as much as I could, reading the passage over and over to see what jumped out at me. By the second and third time I led, I didn’t write out so much. As I read and re-read the passage which I was to share, I discovered the areas God wanted me to talk about and then let Him speak through me as much as possible. 

As I began to teach from Colossians 1 — the Church as the body of Christ and Christ as the head — it was a great reminder for me of all that Jesus has done for us. Colossians is an amazing book for reiterating how great Jesus is. Because of Jesus, we are pure in the sight of God. Because of Him, we have fullness. Because of Him, we get to be His disciples and walk the walk Jesus walked. 

Going through this book, and the process of teaching it to others, was such a great practice. Christ truly unites everything — our community, our lives and our purpose. He has a plan for us in any and every circumstance. When we dive deep into His Word, we can discover what that is and the peace that this brings.

— Luke Weaver, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher

Luke Weaver is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Luke’s Increase profile here.

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