Refocus and Keep God First - Trey Burton

As professional athletes, we often find ourselves in situations of unknown and uncertainty. Are we going to be traded this season? Am I going to be able to finish out the season or will I face an injury? And this year it’s a question of whether or not we’ll even have a season. How long will that season be? And will our kids be in school or not? 

This year, our story is not unique. It’s not just athletes asking these questions; everyone’s facing the same uncertainties.

There’s so much up in the air right now. I’ve moved to Indianapolis, with the plan that my wife and kids will join in September, as long as there is a season. This isn’t the first time we’ve been in this type of situation, but it’s never been as extreme as it is today. So we do exactly what we always do when we’re finding ourselves walking somewhat blind — we pray. We pray and ask God to open up the doors He wants to lead us through for today, so we can head in the direction He’s mapping out for us. If that changes tomorrow, we’ll be ready to move. 

These are simple prayers. Our prayers go something like, “God, we don’t know what we’re walking into. Can You show us? Just show us what’s next. We desperately need You for whatever it is that’s next.” When we remain open and vulnerable with God, letting Him know we have no idea where He’s calling us or why He’s leading us where He is, we draw closer to Him. We simply pray, “Your will be done.” 

His will is first and foremost the most important thing. I need to stay focused on what God’s will is, not my own will. Only then will I be free from worrying about the results. It’s easy for me to get so wrapped up in the football stats. After all, team stats and individual stats are what this sport and profession are all about. But I know, at the end of the day, we’re not here just to play football. I’m here for Kingdom purposes and I want to accomplish the work God has for me to do. But in order to do that, I need to refocus and keep God first. 

I’m constantly learning to be more patient — with my kids, with my family, with my career. During this pandemic, patience has been yet another theme for me. When we are humble enough to lean on God and wait for Him, He will reveal to us what His perfect plan is. 

— Trey Burton, Indianapolis Colts tight end

Trey Burton is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Trey’s Increase profile here.

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