Responsible to Raise Our Kids In Godliness - Benjamin Watson

For the past few months I’ve really been missing church — gathering together with the body of Christ. But since the COVID pandemic began, my wife Kirsten and I have been challenged to do church at home, not only tuning into services digitally, but studying Scripture as a family. 

For six weeks, our family was reading through the book of Ephesians. As we read through a different chapter each week, we were amazed by the conversations that were sparked by the truths found in the pages. While reading through Ephesians 1, our 6-year-old heard that we are to be “sealed in Christ” (verse 13), and the word really stuck for him. Ever since, he has been saying, “I want to be sealed.”

Other words, such as “chosen,” “saved” and “filled” — such simple things that Paul was teaching to the Ephesian Church — have been teaching us how to posture our lives to reflect Christ, as well as to teach God’s Word in a way that our children can grasp it. 

Parents often feel inadequate to teach their children the Bible, or they think the Bible is over their kids’ heads. Or they simply may think it’s not important to teach them yet. Kirsten and I have always tried to teach our kids God’s Word, but now that Sunday School is out of the picture for a while, it’s put a lot more responsibility and ownership on us as parents. Ultimately, we are the ones responsible for training our children. They will learn what we teach them. It’s the same with teaching them school at home. If we have an urgency and priority to teach our kids math, science and English at home, how much more should we be eager to teach them the truth that will never fade away? I’d rather spend more time teaching my kids the Word of God, training them in righteousness, which will have a direct impact on their soul, than a concept in science they probably will never need in life.

Kids have questions, lots of them, and as they develop their own worldview, we can be there to help shape and guide them toward Christlikeness. Recently, we had a discussion in our home about evolution. My kids, who go to a private, non-Christian school, had questions about evolution — what they had been taught in school. It opened up a great conversation about what they already know to be true — God’s Word — and what their teachers, whom they trust, were telling them. I was able to look at my daughter, who was very confused, and tell her that it’s OK to have questions, and that she can always come to us with them. It’s OK if she is confused or doubting something that someone presents to her, but we have to be careful because Satan loves to use half-truths to deceive us. 

We are responsible for the foundation we lay for our kids. Our kids will never be something that we’re not. This time of not sending our kids to school and not going to church as a family may require us as parents to step up our game. Our kids are getting a lot of who knows what kind of information when they walk out our doors. 

It’s not enough to rely on our kids’ teachers and Sunday School. As a Christian parent, we are responsible to raise our kids up in Godliness. 

— Benjamin Watson, former NFL tight end

Benjamin Watson is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Benjamin’s Increase profile here.

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