Slow Down - Nick Ahmed

To rest and be still — it’s a command all throughout Scripture, which God gives us to do. We see Jesus do this all the time in the New Testament. He frequently went away by Himself to connect with the Father. For me, with two young children, a wife, a career in which I train and compete, and a community I want to impact, this can be a challenge for me. I’ve realized I often over-commit myself and neglect this crucial area God wants me to pay attention to. It’s difficult knowing how to turn off, but I know I need to.

As a type-A person, I want to be on the go all the time. It feels unnatural when I force myself to rest. I have different rhythms during different seasons of my year. During the baseball season, when I’m on the road, it’s easier to spend time alone. Whether I’m in the hotel room before a game or have down time on the bus, I can spend time in prayer and in God’s Word. 

But when I’m home with my kids, who get up early and often don’t sleep through the night, it’s difficult to get up even earlier to have quiet time with the Lord. I usually try to have that time at night after they go to bed, but then, I’m also exhausted and sometimes just want to check out and be with my wife. Sometimes I try to get creative with my time or take 5-10 minutes in the car when I arrive at the ballpark to read, pray and meditate on God’s truth. I admit I don’t do this every day, but on the days I do prioritize time with God, I find myself with more peace and joy. 

This year, I’m hoping to grow in the sense of recognizing when I start to wander from the truth. When I begin to fade back, I want to reel it back much quicker. I want to stay connected with the Father as much as I can, tuning into His voice. 

As I seek God more and learn to take the time to rest in Him, I’m discovering God to be more of a shelter than I ever have before. Away from the distractions, temptations and pulls of this life, God is my rest. I just need to slow down to take it in.

— Nick Ahmed, Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop

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