Striking Out To Serve

Major League Baseball player Clayton Kershaw is well-known for his left-handed pitching and accuracy on the mound. Having been in the major leagues since 2008, he made his sixth opening day start this past Sunday with a 15-0 win for the Dodgers. But Clayton sees baseball as more than just a career or a sport; for him it’s a calling.

He still remembers his first call up to play for the Dodgers in 2008.

“It was an unforgettable day,” says Clayton, “I show up to LA and there were 20 people there: my mom, some of my friends, some of my wife’s family… it was pretty cool to see people care that much to get out there that fast.”

Since that day Clayton knew he wanted to use this platform and his success in baseball for a greater purpose. Clayton’s wife, Ellen, had always had a passion to serve orphans and sharing this dream with him, the two of them have started a charity and opened an orphanage in Zambia.

“Kershaw’s Challenge started off with a very basic need that needed to be met,” says Ellen. “The Lord kept knocking on this door and putting this discomfort on my heart until I was ready to answer the call.”

“She’s been so involved in my passion which is baseball and I knew that if we were ever to get married that is her passion,” Clayton says in full support of his wife’s dream.

Three weeks after their wedding, the Kershaws were on a plane to Zambia where they found their eyes opened.

“The first time you hold a Zambian orphan,” Ellen shares, “your entire life will be changed because it becomes so personal, so real. The overwhelming blanket of poverty is in this one child and you realize that if you can only make a difference in this one person’s life, that may be what God is calling you to do for your whole existence on earth.”

“Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” -Matthew 20:28

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