Taking My Game to the Next Level - Kelvin Beachum

During my 2018 season, I was able to take my game to the next level. I finally felt like I had a grasp on how to pass block. I was working hard to up my game and began praying, “Lord, I need my body to move exactly in this way. I need to distribute weight in this particular fashion, in this direction, to get to the point where I can do what I need to do.” When I started praying very specific prayers, I noticed my actions started changing on the field. “I need You to help me keep this hip at a 45-degree angle for three more plays.”

Never had I prayed such specific prayers about my sport before. Many times I had asked the Lord to help me play my best, but not in this way. I needed fine tuning and I turned to the One I knew could get it done. And knowing my heart was to please and honor Him with my game, He did it.

Nothing is too small an ask to take to the Lord. Nothing is too minute to pray for. Sometimes we think that a certain prayer might be too small a thing for God to care about, or we simply don’t think to ask Him. But I try to pray about everything I do, that it would bring about its God-given purpose. Before I send an email, I’ll pray for God to bless it. Before I shoot a text to a friend, I pray God’s blessing on it. Nothing is too insignificant for our God.

These are not selfish prayers. The Lord has given me a gift and talent to play football and I want to give my best in order to glorify Him with my game. The better my technique, the better the outcome — and this not for my glory, but for His. If I keep my mind and heart focused on His Kingdom and growing my personal relationship with Him, I can ask anything of Him. My intention is not my own comfort or promotion, but to promote His Kingdom. This is not selfish for me, it’s selfish for God.

My whole career has taken a lot of faith. I was a seventh-round draft pick. For the entirety of my career I’ve been one of the smallest offensive tackles in the league (both in height and weight). The only way I’ve been able to last as long as I have is through prayer and making God first in my life. There’s no other way I could possibly be here. God continues to shower down His supernatural favor on my life and my career. I can’t take any of the credit. Even when I was hurt, I played not by my own strength. I couldn’t! It was by His supernatural strength that I was able to compete.

In Revelation 3:7, we read, “What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts, no one can open.” The doors that God opens in our lives, no one else can open or close. Those that He closes, we have no power to open. Whatever His will is for me next, whatever this next season holds, I have to be cool with that. Knowing He has my best interest — and the best interest of His Kingdom — in mind, I can truly trust in Him.

Whatever God has for me, He will make a way.

— Kelvin Beachum, New York Jets left tackle

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