Thankful for Grace - Daniel Norris

There was a time when we thought there was no chance we’d be able to have a baseball season this year, and then we thought we may not be able to finish it after a few teams had breakouts of COVID midseason. I’m really thankful we were, in fact, able to have a full season. 

There is so much I’m thankful for this season — family, friends, baseball, but God’s grace is at the top of my list. God continually shows me more of His grace through the way He loves us no matter what our circumstances are, or how badly we may mess up. I’m thankful that we are able to live our lives with Christ, and even when we fall short, we have the security blanket of being redeemed and loved unconditionally by Him. There’s nothing on this earth that can keep us from experiencing God’s grace, love and mercy. 

For me, Thanksgiving is always a holiday I know I can spend with family and friends. It’s not during our baseball season, so I can relax, spend quality time with those I love, and be mindful of all I am thankful for. 

But being thankful and mindful of what God is doing and has done in our lives should be a year-round thing. Because it’s all year long that we need to rely on God and are able to experience His grace. If you start to allow negative thoughts enter your mind, you’ll be in danger of forgetting the grace and love of God. 

If you start to experience negativity in your thought life, that’s when you know you need to be spending more time with God. Giving into evil thoughts is not part of God’s plan for us. That’s not from Him. When we do let these thoughts have a place in our minds, we are choosing to not trust God fully. God knows the battles we face and always offers us forgiveness when we stray from Him, but being aware of and prepared for the evil thoughts that may creep into our minds will prevent us from falling into sin. 

When you love someone, you are able to easily show them grace and forgiveness. God tells us that we are to act in faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love (1 Corinthians 13:13). Love embodies Christ Himself. When we experience this and know this firsthand, we are then able to gift it to others. I’m thankful for this gift, and I want others to experience it in the same way I have. 

— Daniel Norris, Detroit Tigers pitcher

Daniel Norris is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Daniel’s Increase profile here.

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