Thanksgiving Week in Review

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Former MLB catcher Eddie Taubensee shares how we are to give thanks for God’s giving:


“The vast majority of us will never be in the same kind of high-pressure event that players experience in a World Series game, but in our lives we will all face situations that are big and overwhelming. How can we deal with the big moments that will come into our lives? I believe that living your life following Christ is no different from playing in a World Series game—we have to find a way to simplify it.”


Tuesday Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright reflects on what remains constant:


“On Thanksgiving, when we gather all the family members in one room, I love to pray and give thanks to our Lord. I want my kids to hear me explain why we should be thankful and how cool it is to be together as a family in the same way that Jesus got together with His disciples. I love to demonstrate God’s love to my family members, especially the ones who knew me before I had given my life over to Christ so that they can see the power of God at work in my heart.”


Wednesday Former MLB outfielder Lance Berkman reflected on the importance of replacing anxiety with an attitude or thanksgiving:


Yes, we are supposed to have an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude year-round, but it’s great to have a specific holiday build around thankfulness to really focus on the good things we’ve been given. As Christians, this is a focus set on all that God is and all that He does for us.


Thursday Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Steven Souza shared a Thanksgiving memory he will never forget:


“I almost never see my dad tear up, he often is over-the-top happy but you won’t see him get sad. But I’ll never forget what happened in 2012 when we all gathered in the circle to share what we were thankful for.”


Friday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis shared how Thanksgiving has taken on a different look for him:


“Since becoming a Christian, what I am thankful for has ultimately changed. Before giving my life to Christ, I was always thankful for my family, my health, and all the things that I had in life, but now I have a much deeper appreciation and understanding of what I have been blessed with.”


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