That Cali Vibe - Jordan Matthews

The transition to the 49ers has been nothing short of amazing. It’s a great organization with great people, and everyone’s so happy all the time here! When I first got to the team, I joked with the guys and said, “OK, you guys have to give me a three-day warning for when everyone’s going to stop being so happy and lively.” But they told me, “Nah, Jordan, everyone’s always like this!”


I’m not used to this! There’s a different feel to Santa Clara. I guess it’s that Cali vibe everyone talks about. I’m used to being in an area that’s a little edgier, where you feel like you have to be on guard in case anything pops up unexpectedly. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.


For the first time in two years, I’m at 100 percent physically and it feels good. Mentally, I’m in a much more mature place than I was two years ago as well. I don’t get caught up in the little things that come along and don’t matter. Instead, I take things as they come, knowing I am secure in my faith, my family and my foundation in Christ. This takes the mental stress out of the game of football. I’m still extremely competitive and I want to play in the NFL for another 10-15 years, so I put a ton of effort and energy into my game. But I don’t let my emotions rest on my performance or playing time.


I’m looking forward to being out there, healthy and just having fun with the guys. Now that I’m healthy, I don’t want to miss any more playing time. I know I can make all the plays that I want to, and now I have the opportunity to execute them with excellence. I’m in a new space and I can’t wait to show all that I can do for this team.


Now that I’ve played in the league for some time, I have had to ask myself, “Do I still have that same fire?” But the second we get on that field, I realize I still want to be the first one out there. I want to catch every single ball that’s thrown and I want to run down to the end zone every time. Yes, I’m still that 18-year-old die-hard from Madison, Alabama, when it comes to football.


— Jordan Matthews, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver


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