The Gift of Life - Luke Weaver

My wife and I are having a baby girl in October. It almost doesn’t feel real! But compelling evidence around my wife’s midsection convinces me when I start to doubt. It’s an amazing thing, watching a baby jump around in there. It brings me back to the realization once again that God is doing incredible things. The gift of life is a miracle.

All over the clubhouse there are fathers — some with young kids, some with much older ones. After a game I watch as kids come running out onto the field to join their fathers. Win or lose, the kids are so happy to run to their dads, who light up as well. It’s a contagious joy and love that these kids bring. It’s a general consensus that fatherhood is hard work — there’s no getting around that — but from what I hear, there’s also no greater joy than that which your kids can bring you. Knowing you have a little ball of joy to come home to has the power to erase a bad day.

Being injured this season has been somewhat of a blessing in disguise. I don’t want to be injured, but because I am, I’ve been able to be home more to support and take care of Olivia as she goes through this very new process of carrying a baby. I’m thankful for the opportunity this injury has allowed me to have. If I hadn’t gotten hurt, I would have been away for most of it. 

I think every new dad agrees they have no idea what they’re doing. It’s a process of learning as you go. There are going to be days when you make mistakes and others when you’re going to crush it. I know the moment I’m able to hold Lyla in my arms for the first time, all the emotions that are currently bottled up inside are going to flood over me.

Like in every other aspect of life, I know I’m not going to be perfect at this. I’m going to fall short every day; there are things you just won’t be able to knock out of the park. But I’m OK with that. There is always good that can come out of a hard situation and lessons to be learned. 

As I grind through the rehab process this season, I’m thankful for the time to be with my wife and prepare for our little girl’s arrival. As I do, I try to focus on God’s big picture, not only for my life and my family’s life, but the bigger picture He has for all of us as we journey through the gift of life He’s given us.

— Luke Weaver, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher

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