The Increase Week in Review 7/18-7/22

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pro’s from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday we heard Matt Forte share how he is living in The Increase of Christ:


My faith in Christ keeps me humble, calm, and grounded. I know that my talent in football is given by God for a purpose. My faith in Him keeps me focused on what’s important—focused on Jesus Christ and not my own success or failures.”


Tuesday Former MLB pitcher Dave Dravecky told us how he has loved putting his Faith on Display at Home Plate:


“I think that setting aside a day to allow players to proclaim and celebrate their faith in Jesus Christ is really important. It’s not only impactful for the fans, but also for those players who have the chance to share their faith on this unique platform. These athletes get to share the love of God that they’ve experienced in their own lives with many others in a hurting world.”


Wednesday pitcher David Ledbetter told us how he has been taking a look at his opportunity to impact: 


“Lately, I’ve been thinking about my outlook and my legacy. I’ve been asking myself questions like: Who do I want to become? What is my legacy going to be? When people think of me, what’s the first thing I want to pop in their heads? In my heart of hearts, what is my purpose?”


Thursday we heard from NFL’s Joshua Vaughan on the topic on raising children to love and fear God:


“We are responsible as parents to train our kids in the right way, leading them down the right path so that they will choose God for themselves. If you lead a life of godliness, they will have an idea of how to follow God and handle the world before them. Amber and I pray and seek to do this so that our sons will find their purpose in Christ, doing what God has called them to do, and trusting in Him to be their hope and strength. I can’t imagine a bigger blessing than that.”


Friday professional pitcher Mark Appel shared about his passion for serving others and reaching the lost with the Gospel, one railroad spike at a time:


“The Imperfect Cross is both a business venture and a ministry initiative, where people can buy crosses that are made out of railroad spikes. This is a beautiful picture of what God has done with our lives: Taking something that was old and beat up, going to be thrown out, and redeeming it to make something beautiful.”


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