Jon Kitna's Increase Devotional

Jon Kitna was living the dream. A star quarterback at Central Washington University, Jon was the big man on campus. He played well on the football field, and partied hard off of it. Maybe he relished being his own man, away for the first time from his attentive but strict parents.


“Mom and dad were there for everything,” Jon says. “They were very disciplinarian, but as far as faith goes, we never had a faith.”


Before he went to Central Washington University, Jon didn’t foresee himself becoming a party animal. Quite the opposite:


“I still remember the conversation with my best friend—we’ve been best friends since the third grade. We were getting ready to head to college, we’d heard all these stories about guys getting caught up in drugs and alcohol. We said, ‘That’s not going to be us, we’re making a pact.’ Well, I figured out early on that I could do school, sports, and be an alcoholic…In my little world, the world was mine.”


Jon recalls a point at the beginning of his third year in college, where he and his then-girlfriend separated.


“She didn’t like it, but she left, and not an hour later, there was another girl at my apartment…The next thing I knew, my bedroom door opened up. I saw a silhouette, and realized it was my girlfriend.”


At that moment, Jon knew his actions were burdening him and affecting others. After taking a little bit of time to think, Jon uttered a few words that started him down a new path.


“I said to my girlfriend—who’s now my wife—‘I don’t know what this means for you and me, but I need to go to church!’ Which is an interesting statement from someone who’d never been to church, never prayed, never read the Bible.”


See how Jon’s honesty with himself brought him balance when you get started on The Increase’s 21-Day YouVersion Devotional.


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