Justin Forsett Lives In The Increase

Doing the right things doesn’t always provide the easiest path to success. Baltimore Ravens RB Justin Forsett did the right things and avoided distractions while growing up. “I wasn’t doing alcohol or drugs or anything like that,” Justin says. “I was a virgin until I was married. I was trying to live the best I could for Christ.” And while Justin tried to live virtuously, he couldn’t help but notice other people achieving success while taking paths the Bible cautions against. “They were getting the scholarships, they were getting the girls, they were having a fun time. They weren’t doing the right things, but they were getting the blessings.” Following a reflection about this struggle, Justin received a college scholarship offer from Cal-Berkeley after several other scholarship offers fell through. But the struggle continued into his pursuit of an NFL career. “I expected to get drafted in the third round,” Justin recalls. “My name kept falling off the board, and I felt like I was having this old thing happen to me all over again.” Finally drafted in the seventh round, Justin entered the NFL with something to prove. In just his first year in the NFL, Justin was released twice, and then received the news that his mother’s health was failing. How did he navigate through it all? Hear his story here and get started on The Increase’s YouVersion Devotional and find out.

—Max Patterson