The Power to Transform - Trey Burton

The Word of God has the power to transform lives.


If I truly believe this, I need to be in it, reading it, every day I’m alive! If I am aiming to share the Gospel with others around me, telling them that God’s truth has the power to save and transform their life, I need to know it. I need to know exactly what it’s saying and why. If I don’t study the Bible, how will I know what is truth and what isn’t? And how will I be able to share that with others?


The Word of God has been gradually sharpening my mind and heart for years. What amazes me about these truths is that I can read one passage, and then years later read the same passage with new insight and revelation. It’s the same word, with the same meaning, but by the Holy Spirit, I gain a new outlook. When you reach a different stage of life and spiritual maturity, God reveals more of Himself to you. Recently, I heard David Platt say that the Word is the Word — you can’t bend it or shape it to mean what you want it to mean.


My wife and I are working on being in the Word more together. We have spiritual coaches in our lives who are helping guide us to be able to read and pray more as a couple. While we might not be able to do this every day, we are finding time throughout the week to prioritize this practice. We are careful not to be too rigid in our practice that we treat our time in the Word as a law or pointless religion. We want to spend quality time with God, not just quantity time. That’s not what God intended it to be.


Sometimes our kids will walk into the room while we are either praying or reading the Bible, but instead of stopping to answer their request, we tell them they can either join us or wait. We want them to know that what their mom and dad are doing is important. Most of the time, they want to jump right in and pray with us.


I think when a child can walk into a room and see their parents spending time with God together, it can have a great impact on them. Anytime we are talking about the Word around our kids or bringing them to church with us, even if they can’t yet fully comprehend the truth being shared, they observe the motions of living a faith-based life. They are able to see what it means to prioritize God over all else in life.


God’s Word is a way to understand and get to know God more — His characteristics, attributes and the history of His people. In these pages we can experience His grace, mercy, love and forgiveness toward us as humans. The Bible is the blueprint of who God is and who we are as His people. In it there are laws and commands to live our life by, so that we can become more like Him and please Him.


By studying this incredible resource daily, we can find true and eternal life. And with that cemented in our hearts, we can share that with those around us who need to hear the truth that can set them free.


— Trey Burton, Chicago Bears tight end


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