Under Attack - Trey Burton

Spiritual attack is real. And lately, my family and I have felt under attack in many ways.

Being separated from my wife and kids for the past few months (I’m in Chicago with the team while they are at our home in Florida) has been challenging. Not only do we miss each other, but it seems as if our family has been hit with wave after wave of adversity. From sleepless nights and the kids’ bad dreams to sickness and injury, we’re feeling the attacks. Satan has been working overtime on us, but as he works, we know we have a God who is fighting for us even harder. And undergoing these types of trials makes me that much more intentional with how we parent our children. 

It’s not an easy thing to teach your children about spiritual warfare, but it’s extremely important. My wife and I have been trying to explain to our kids who Satan is and why he does what he does, while combating his schemes with Scripture. As complicated as the structure of spiritual warfare is for adults, it’s even harder for children to grasp. Our kids are still young, but they do understand, and by breaking it down for them, I’ve been able to grasp the truths of Scripture even more for myself. 

Satan is out there to seek, kill and destroy — his three goals for every person on earth. My children know a decent amount about Jesus’ love, grace, mercy and forgiveness, so they can understand that He is fighting for us. When we tell them God doesn’t place temptation on us, but He does allow struggles to come, they can begin to grasp this important concept. These trials are here to test our faith in Christ so we can grow stronger and closer to Him. 

This is not just a story in a book, this is real life. When we go through the storm and experience Christ fighting for us, we see Him for who He really is — our Savior. We can read the Word and take in a good talk all day long, but when push comes to shove, are we ready and willing to believe that God will do what He says He can do? 

When everything is going fine, we often don’t think about spiritual warfare or how we are being protected and covered by Christ. We often aren’t as thankful as we should be for all that God does for us. The last three years have been really great for my family. We’ve experienced little to no sickness, injury or conflict. We’ve been fed into spiritually and surrounded by a great community of faith. We were being fed and filled, though we may have taken it for granted. 

When these things are stripped from us, we find ourselves back at ground zero. I think God often allows these trials to come in order for us to hit the reset button. We realize we need to depend fully on Him, diving into His Word and praying continually. God is stretching me so that I can grow spiritually — to take the next step in my faith journey. 

When you find yourself yearning for life and healing, you will go back to the one place you know you’ve found it before. The only place I’ve had my thirst fully quenched is when I’m close to God. Nothing else can satisfy that need.

Where are you running?

— Trey Burton, Chicago Bears tight end

Trey Burton is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing monthly articles and opinions. Check out Trey’s Increase profile here: http://theincreasefootball.com/author/trey-burton/    

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