We Won't Be Stopped - Matthew Boyd

The pressures that come in this game can really get to us when we allow them. There’s always temptation to dwell on performance when you’re in the spotlight and you know people are looking up to you. The anxieties, insecurities and worry that result in players’ hearts can be toxic. A lot of guys struggle with this daily; I’ve been there before. The thought of your performance going up and down and then back up and back down, the fear of being sent down to the minors or losing your job…it’s not easy. Whether those thoughts are justified or not, they can be really difficult to suppress. But I know that win, lose or draw, God is going to bring the best out of any and every situation and in that, I find peace. I know God has perfected me for this moment. He’s laid out the plans for me and they are perfect. When my heart is aligned with His, I’m right where I’m supposed to be.


There’s a clear difference when I’m striving on my own or walking in line with God and His will. The peace and clarity He offers when I’m in step with Him surpasses anything I could ever describe or understand. On the flip side, when I try to control my life, I feel the stress and pressures rise. By letting go and letting God take control, I’m amazed by what He does for me. Soon I see that this becomes more than I could have ever thought or imagined my life to be.


Recently I’ve been going through the book of Acts. The other day I was reading about the life and ministry of Paul — where God had him for that time. In Acts 20, Paul is on his way to Jerusalem, on his way to die for the sake of the Gospel. Paul knew what his calling was; he knew his mission and he was ready and excited to finish the race God had set out for him. He wasn’t about to be stopped with what God was calling him to; he knew his mission and was carrying it out.


It’s our job to seek out the opportunities and calling God has for us every day. Only then will we be amazed at the ways He’s going to use us to relentlessly spread the Gospel. If we are aligned with Him, we will not be stopped. If God was able to bring Paul out of chains to do His will, He can do even more for us when we choose to walk in step with Him.


— Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers pitcher


Matthew Boyd is a regular contributor to The Increase and will be providing monthly articles and opinions.


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