What Will You Stand On? - Matthew Boyd

At the beginning of this year, my wife and I sat down and laid out our goals for the year. We talked about communication, parenting, finances, our spiritual walks and more personal things — a conversation we will continue throughout the year. We ask how we can be better and what we want to focus on in the coming year. What are the truths we want to stand on? It’s all based around Christ. 

One of the things we truly want to be more intentional about this year is memorizing Scripture. To do this, we have 10 verses posted up on our bathroom mirror that we want to lock in on. These are truths we really want to take to heart this year. After all, God’s Word is our sword against the enemy, and we want to have that ready at all times. 

Another goal I have this year is setting aside intentional time every day for Christ. I know that time is going to look different depending on the season I’m in. During spring training, I’ll probably study before bed at night. During the season, I might take my time of solitude with God before the kids wake up in the morning. No matter when I need to do this, I’ll make it happen. 

Another discipline my wife and I have committed to is for each of us to take one morning a month as a time of solitude with the Lord. No distractions. No exceptions. This is a 4-5 hour chunk of time we set aside to grow closer to the Lord and listen to Him. We see many times when Jesus withdrew to a mountainside or desert to be with His Father. He did this before preparing for battle. He was able to do all He did because of the strength He drew from His time with the Father. If Jesus saw this as crucial, how much more should I?

Perhaps we won’t be called to something as supernatural as a 40-day fast in the wilderness, but maybe we will. I don’t know for sure what battle may be ahead, but I do know that time with the Lord is critical. It’s during this time that we are prepared to go out into the world. That’s how we become equipped to take on each day. 

My wife and I are a team; we are walking this walk with Jesus hand-in-hand. This is the way we are called to live; there is no other way. If we have a calling on our lives, we have to be all in. If God is calling you to climb a mountain, you are to climb fearlessly, with everything you have, no looking back, simply because it’s what He’s calling you to. Everything else will take care of itself when you trust in God and follow Him with no hesitation. 

Christ is the foundation of everything our lives are built upon. Ashley and I can’t love each other, our children or others unless we first love God. He is the one who first loved us. It’s by His example alone that we learn to love. When we walk fearlessly with Christ, we can hear what He’s speaking to us and what He’s calling us to. Then we can join in His mission to build the Kingdom in ways that are beyond our imagination. 

What are you standing on as your foundation this year? 

— Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers pitcher

Matthew Boyd is a regular contributor to The Increase and provides monthly articles and opinions. Check out Matthew’s Increase profile here: https://theincrease.com/author/matthew-boyd/ 

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