You Have a Platform...Use It! - Andrew McCutchen

Andrew “Cutch” McCutchen is a right fielder for MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates


Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen shares the excitement that he experienced when he first saw his dreams become a reality. Though he was loving his new life in the Big Leagues, he realized that he had let his relationship with God fade to the background.


“God was there,” he admitted, “but He was in the back seat. I didn’t bring Him out unless I needed Him.”


But after a few years, Andrew began to see things differently. While he still worked hard to be the best baseball player he could be, his perspective started to change.


“It got to the point where I loved the game, but I wanted to love God more.”


Watch how Andrew decided to use his platform to magnify the name of God in a whole new way and challenges us to do the same: You have a platform… Use it!